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Monday, 19 June 2017

Natter night 19th June 2017.

Best night ever for heat and sunshine, so we made good use of it and worked in the garden all night.

Susan's tree for tonight this Pisifera,  [Sulpher spray ] looked like a ball, but Susan wanted it more open with pads to make it more like a tree.

So after I had removed quite a lot of unwanted foliage the trunk now stands out better. Susan will now wire the tree and bring it back next week for a tweak.

This tree had us scratching our heads as to what it was.Andy told us it is  known as the Woolly Willow, one of the Salix family.

Another one of Andy's Larch was wired and started on it's way to becoming a cascade style tree.

Ken M brought his Larch for a mid season tidy up

Which kept me busy for quite a good part of the evening, but the end result was worth the work.

Paul M also brought a Larch for some advice about styling. Ken suggested a raft style but as Paul has limited space he decided to leave it upright, so it will be left to grow for another season to improve the trunk size.

Not much work being done here, but it was nice to be able to sit in the sun shine.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A hot Saturday.

It's been one of them rare days that we get now and then, very hot, so not much done in the way of Bonsai.
The only thing I have really done is to give the trees plenty of water.

A mini Rose has come into flower.

Dave brought this Maple stump a few weeks ago.

It was root pruned with a chain saw.

But just look at it now.

My Hemlock had a small prune.

Juniper planted in the bogwood/slate combo.

Much to hot to do anything more.

Friday, 16 June 2017

A short video.

A walk round my Bonsai today.

Hope everyone enjoys.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A day at Ken's.

Today Boxie and myself had a day out at Ken's home, to do some work for him.

Not Bonsai, but Bonsai related, sort of !

The first job was to install a water feature he had bought.
We started by pulling back the stones and cutting the membrane, then to dig a hole for the water tank.The big black thing behind Mike.

Up to our eyeballs in muck, but we still found time to enjoy the banter.

The water feature does not look a lot, just a bowl in the gravel, but looked very nice when connected up and running.
The next job was to erect a stone bench, I caught Ken checking it was level.

We also moved his balancing stones and a stone lantern.

Just some plants to put in now. Note the balancing stones on the far right.

Ken was very pleased with the new look,

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Natter night 12th June 2017.

My day started early again, when John R came over about lunch time with one of his Hawthorn.

The front view before work.

After a clip and wiring it looks much better.

The back view before work.

After working.

This small Larch had a little work done, Margery was pleased with the outcome.

Another Hawthorn, this time Ken's, had a good clip out.

A good job done Ken.

This Juniper, on the left, was repotted a few months ago and given a new planting angle in the cascade style.

It belong's to Paul M, who started to wire it ready for it's new look.

After wiring and styling it is now on it's way to becoming a nice tree.

There was one person who had nothing to do but play with wire.
Guess who?

We all had a very enjoyable night once more.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Another one done.

I have just planted up this bogwood / slate with a Japanese Rose.

Bogwood > Slate, more work.

On a very wet Saturday morning what can you do except work in the studio.

So I did a little more work on the latest bogwood / slate project.

The dirty part adding the Keto.

All round, to stop the compost from escaping through the gaps.

A little deadwood preserver on the lighter parts, just to darken it a bit.

The next thing to do is decide on a tree and add moss to the Keto.